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Sir Thomas Lipton Born May 10, 1850 Initiated August, 1870 Raised August 17, 1870 Died October 2, 1931 Sir Thomas Lipton was born on May 10, 1850 in Glasgow, Scotland. At the age of 20, Lipton began helping his parents run their small shop, and a year later opened his own provision store. As business expanded, Lipton established a successful chain of stores across Scotland and Britain. Lipton soon used his keen advertising and business sense to revolutionize the tea business. Among his innovations in the tea industry were the adjustment of blends to offset the variation of water quality in different countries, as well as the tea bag, which ensured consistent measurement and freshness. Possibly his wisest innovation was his ability to increase tea production efficiency and lower cost. This made his teas accessible to the working class and truly made Lipton a household name, even to this day. Lipton was initiated into Scotia Lodge No. 178 in Glasgow. Brother Thomas Lipton was called from labor on October 2, 1931 at the age of 81 and is laid to rest alongside his family at the Southern Necropolis in Glasgow.
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